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Do you need to replace a bed in your home?  Know someone who does?
We will be hosting our 1st annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018.
Check out this YouTube video to see how it works:
There will be over 30 mattresses on display for customers to try.  The beds are new, brand name, made to order, available in all sizes, and cost less than retail stores.  In addition to beds, there will also be pillows, mattress protectors, adjustable power bases, and more!  Financing options will also be available! Custom Fundraising Solutions works with over 3,000 schools nationally and the AVERAGE amount raised in one day is over $5,000! 
This is an excellent opportunity to raise money for the Anacapa Music programs. Best of all, our students and parents will NOT be selling, filling out order forms, collecting money, or delivering anything!  ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PROMOTE!  10% of the population buys a mattress every year, so we all need to find at least one or more people who are in the market for a mattress and our event will be highly successful.
What we need from our Anacapa Music families between now and December 2nd, is to be finding people in the market for a new mattress and ask them to come to our sale. Take a minute to ask around the office, at church or with your family and neighbors.  You won't believe how many people are currently planning to replace a bed in their home. It’s a unique opportunity for them to buy something they actually need, while supporting our program!  Personal referrals drive 90% of the sales at our event!
Here’s a link to the Facebook Event page.  Please check the “going” box and start inviting your friends!

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